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101 Dalmatians: The Bg Dig
The Big Dig


101 Dalmatians: The Big Dig


Justine Kormn



101 Dalmatians: The Big Dig is a Little Golden Book based on 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


One day, a paleontologist called "Dr. Diggery Bone" arrives on the Dearly Farm and offers to purchase it, claiming that he's on the trial of the bones of a "Cruella-Saurus Rex", whose bones he claims to be where the Dearly Farm is.

Hearing that there may be large dinosaur bones, the Dalmatians of the Dearly Farm (and Spot)  start digging, but all they're able to find are three boots, two slippers and a can.

Lucky decides to investigate this to Dr. Bone, with him, Cadpig, Rolly and Spot sneaking into his truck as Roger tells Dr. Bones that they'll consider his offer.

The truck arrives at a theatre, in Gruteley, where they see that Dr. Bone rehearsing a performance of Hamlet, showing that he is just an actor to the Dalmatians.

Dr. Bones then drives to Villa DeVil, where the Dalmatians learn that Cruella has hired the performer as part of a plan to get the Dearly Farm. Lucky tries to think of a way to tell Roger and Anita about this as Spot tries to show Lucky the Hamlet poster.

Rolly, in an attempt to get one of the bones on the Cruella-Saurus, accidentally causes it to fall on top of Cruella, who orders Dr. Bones to catch the Dalmatians.

Back at the Dearly Farm, Anita has just phoned the university, who claims to have never hear of a "Dr. Diggery Bones." When the Dalmatians come in with the performer following behind, the pups show the Dearlys the poster. Roger and Anita decide not to sell the Dearly Farm to the performer, and he is scared off by Pongo.

The Dalmatians eye Cruella chasing the performer with one of the bones from the Cruella-Saurus.