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Springtime Fun

101 Dalmatians: Springtime Fun is a Little Golden Book based on 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


This is more a scented sticker book with a number of scenes about the Dearly Farm. Many of these scenes include: 

  • The Dalmatians watching Nanny make orange juice in the Dearly Farm house kitchen, before she gets the kibble for the Dalmatians at the Chow Tower.
  • Cadpig, Rolly, and Spot playing in the Dearly Farm barn hayloft as Lucky watches Thunderbolt.
  • The Dalmatians playing on the oak tree in the Dearly Farm barn.
  • Lucky climbing the trellis on the Dearly Farm house to watch Roger in this studio.
  • Lucky and Rolly looking in the pigsty where Mayor Pig and Dumpling are.
  • Swamp Rat using Steven to chase Patch and Spot from the swamp.
  • Colonel and Sgt. Tibbs giving a "Bark Brigade" session to Lucky, Tripod, Spot, and Lt. Pug.
  • Pongo and Perdita watching the Dalmatians too.


  • This book seems to suggest that there is a motorcycle and side car near the Colonel's rail car.
  • The book also claims that the tree in the Dearly Farm barn is an oak tree.