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101 Dalmatian Street is a Canadian/British Disney Channel animated series, based loosely on the 1961 movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


101 Dalmatian Street is inspired by Dodie Smith's 1956 novel and Walt Disney's 1961 One Hundred and One Dalmatians, but it has been updated and moved to contemporary London. It depicts the adventures of eldest Dalmatian siblings Dylan and Dolly, parents Doug and Delilah, and 97 younger puppies, all with names beginning with "D", who live all by themselves at the titular address. London's Passion Animation Studios will lead-produce. Maria O'Loughlin writes, Miklos Weigert directs.[1]

The series had a total of 52 episodes, each running for 11 minutes.[2] The show was originally scheduled for release in fall 2018, but was delayed to 2019. The show did get a sneak peek preview on December 14, 2018, with the episode "Dog's Best Friend", "Boom Night", and "Merry Pups" on Disney Channel UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

The official premiere of the show was on March 18 in the UK and France, while airing on March 25 for other areas of Europe, and April 1 in Africa, with Latin America and Brazil in June, and the US later released for streaming on Disney+ on February 28, 2020. It aired on Disney XD in the US later in March 2021.

In early 2019, writers of the series had stated that a second season was in the works,[3] however, the director of the series confirmed there was no plans for a second season, and in September 2020, Disney Channel UK had also shuttered operations, with Disney canceling the series.

During the Annecy Film Festival in 2018, details about the story of the show were announced. In modern day, the Twilight Bark has become a worldwide barking chain called the "World Wide Woof", and an American Dalmatian named Doug moves to London to become a fire dog, before meeting and marrying Delilah, a British Dalmatian who works as a nurse dog in a London hospital and is also one of the descendants of Pongo and Perdita.

The Dalmatian family live by themselves in a house in London, as their human owner is rich and lives on an island. Said human owner is said to be named after Dodie Smith. The home is full of wacky inventions to make the dogs' lives easier and are able to order whatever they need, with a running joke at how the house is a nightmare for the mailman.[4]

The two Dalmatians both have their own litter of puppies from previous marriages, with their combined litters making 99 puppies.

Some of these puppies being:

  • Dylan - One of the eldest, a pedantic Dalmatian puppy who dreams about being the first dog on Mars.
  • Dolly - One of the eldest, a rebellious tomboy Dalmatian puppy who comes up with insane ideas.
  • Dizzy & Dee Dee - A pair of mischievous Dalmatian puppies who are Dolly's sidekicks.
  • Dawkins - A rather geeky Dalmatian puppy who is Dylan's underappreciated sidekick.
  • Diesel - A silly Dalmatian puppy who loves to play in the dirt.
  • Dante - A black Dalmatian puppy with white spots who is a bit of a goth. A bit paranoid and not the most positive pup, Dante constantly believes the world is coming to an end.
  • Destiny, Dallas & Déjà Vu - A group of over the top Dalmatian puppy triplets dubbed the "Triple-D", each with their own collars and tags to tell them apart. Destiny wears hearts on her collar and tag, Dallas has diamonds on hers, and Déjà Vu has circles on hers.
  • Dimitri 1, 2 & 3 - Another group of Dalmatian puppy triplets often seen playing with each other. Each is told apart by the black fur patch on their eyes, the number of white sports on the left ear and gold chain.
  • Delgado - A Dalmatian puppy who uses a wheelchair, and has a very charismatic personality. He is the fastest of his siblings.
  • D.J. - A Dalmatian puppy who loves music and is often seen wearing headphones.
  • Deepak - A Dalmatian puppy with a yin-yang coat who tries to keep calm.
  • Da Vinci - An artistic Dalmatian puppy.
  • Dorothy - The youngest of the Dalmatian puppies who has babyish qualities.

Outside of the Dalmatians, there are other supporting roles:

  • Arabella, one of Clarissa's entourage.
  • Clarissa, a snooty Corgi who lives next door to the Dalmatians.
  • Prunella, a pug who is one of Clarissa's friends.
  • Portia, a poodle who is one of Clarissa's friends whom Dylan has a crush on.
  • Spencer, a sausage dog who is Portia's sidekick.
  • Fergus, an Irish fox who is friends with Dylan.
  • Sid, a squirrel who has an obsession with nuts and is part of Fergus' Canal Crew.
  • Big Fee, a rat who lives in the forest and is part of Fergus' Canal Crew.
  • Roxy, a rottweiler who is Dolly's best friend.
  • Hansel, a husky whom Dolly has a crush on.
  • Constantin, an Asian cat who is similar to Sgt. Tibbs.
  • Hunter de Vil, a human boy who is a descendant of Cruella de Vil.
  • Pearl, a police horse.
  • Bessie, a Cornish cow.
  • Snowball, a small, feisty Pomeranian dog.
  • Geoffrey, a guide dog.
  • Stanislav, Snowball's owner.
  • Spike, a Cornish Doberman and Dolly's Holiday love interest.
  • Summer, Dylan's love interest.
  • Cruella de Vil, who serves as the show's main antagonist in the season climax.





  • Michael D. Golab as Stanislav[5]



  • This will be the twentieth 2D animated television series to be based on a Disney animated feature and/or its characters, after The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, TaleSpin, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Timon & Pumbaa, Jungle Cubs, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Hercules, The Legend of Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, The Emperor's New School, Stitch!, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, The 7D, The Lion Guard, Tangled: The Series, Stitch & Ai, Big Hero 6: The Series, and Legend of the Three Caballeros.
    • This is also the second cartoon to be based on One Hundred and One Dalmatians, preceded by 101 Dalmatians: The Series back in the 1990s.
    • This also makes One Hundred and One Dalmatians the fourth Disney franchise/film to have more than one television series based on the films of the franchise itself, the first three being The Jungle Book (TaleSpin and Jungle Cubs), Lilo & Stitch (which has three of them; Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Stitch!, and Stitch & Ai), and The Lion King (Timon & Pumbaa and The Lion Guard).
  • This is the second animated Disney show to air on the three main Disney Channels on cable television: Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD; the first being The 7D.
    • However, in the United States, it will be a web series on Disney+ instead.
  • Unlike 101 Dalmatians: The Series, which was set in the United States, this series will be set in the book and film's original location, London.
  • This is one of the few series based on a Disney property not to be produced or involve Disney Television Animation in any way, as this series is fully produced by Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios. It is also one of the few European co-productions that Disney is involved in so far.
  • The opening intro features Dolly on a street trying to corral her siblings to follow her; behind her are four humans walking across the street, one them being barefoot. This is a pop culture reference to the famous Abbey Road image of the Beatles from the 1969 album of the same name.
  • There was originally gonna be just two 22-minute specials, although it later changed to five.[6]